Madorino Karuta VR: rule


2 - 8

15 min -

8 - 99

  • Floor plan cards x 18
  • Bonus furnishings cards x 2


This floor plan-themed party game is in the style of the classic "telephone game."

18 floor plan cards are spread across a table. Using the game's special app, players can explore the rooms of a house.

One player looks around inside the rooms, and uses words and gestures to describe what they look like.
The other players try to find the corresponding foor plan card from among the cards on the table.




First, you'll need to download the app the game uses.

Choosing Game Mode

This game has two modes, but the basics are the same for both.

In Easy Game, the player inside the house can look around from the center of the room.
In Normal Game, the player is placed in a random corner of the room, for a greater challenge.

Inspecting Rooms in the App

Hold your smartphone or tablet so that it is directly in front of you.

Then, you can turn to the right to see the scenery on the right, and turn to the left to see the scenery on the left.

Start by turning all the way around to get a look at your surroundings. This can help you to figure out the shape of the room.

About Virtual Reality (VR) Setup

This game is compatible with smartphone VR (single-lens) headsets.

They provide a sense of realism, making you feel like you're really right there in the room.

Moving to the Next Room

You can warp to the next room by holding the smartphone or tablet above your head (with the screen facing down) and jumping.

You can also warp by touching the person icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Use this when you are not able to jump.

Starting a New Game

Repeatedly tap the person icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to end the current game and return to the title screen.

Things You'll Find in Rooms

Windows that lead to balconies
Cardboard boxes (They're there because you've only just moved in, but they have no effect on the game.)


Checking the Answers

If you look straight down, you will find the room number on the floor.

How to Play


Set out the 18 floor plan cards, with the sides showing the floor plans facing up.

The person who has moved to a new residence most recently will be the first player. If you aren't sure, you can use another method of your choosing to decide who goes first.

If you are the first player, please launch the app and enter the first room.

The player who views the rooms in the app is called the Room Player.

Game Progression

The Room Player inspects the room, and describes the room to the other players using words and gestures.
For example, you can say, "There are two windows and one door," or, "It looks like a hallway."

While doing so, please take care to make sure that the app screen cannot be seen by the other players.

The other players can ask questions.

Some example questions are: "Does the room have four sides?" "Is there a balcony?" "Can you see any closets?"

When you know which floor plan card is the answer, place your finger on that card. Only one player can have their finger on each floor plan card. The player who gets there first gets the card, but keep in mind that the Room Player may have new information to report after you pick a card.

Once you have touched a card, you will not be able to change to another card afterward.

Once every player has either put their finger on a card or given up, the Room Player can look down toward their feet, and read out the correct card number.
(There is no time limit.)

The player who has the correct answer keeps that floor plan card. If that's you, please flip the card over so that the side with the picture of home furnishings is facing up, and keep the card close to you.

Now, the Room Player passes the app to the player to their left. That player is the new Room Player. Please warp to a new room to continue the game.

If no one had the correct answer, flip the card with the correct answer over, and try again in a new room (with the same Room Player).

Once you've been through 10 rooms, it's time to add up everyone's scores.

Adding Up Scores

The winner is determined by the home furnishings on the floor plan cards that players have obtained.

Cards that show bonus furnishings count as two points. All other furnishings count as one point.

The player who has the highest point total is the winner. If two players have the same score, they both win.

How to Enhance the Fun

The other players can ask the Room Player questions. Feel free to ask whatever questions come to mind.

No two floor plan cards are the same, so you can narrow down the possibilities by variables such as the number of windows and the shape of the room.

The Room Player can describe the features of the room before or after the other players ask questions. Try switching it up to make the game even more exciting!