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10 min


  • Face card x 18(girls and boys on either side)
  • Teacher card x 2


This is a game for finding the card with the face that matches with the face shown on the app.

The cards may appear to have the same face at first glance, but each of them are slightly different, such as with their bangs or the shapes of their ears. Compare the face shown on the app with the faces on the cards, race to find the corresponding card!

The image shown on the app is fuzzy and distorted, so you cannot tell which face it is.

(Shake your head to wake up your memory!)

Shaking the phone will gradually bring it back to the original face.


Starting the Gmae

Press "Game Start".

The Mechanism of Face Processing

By shaking the phone, the distorted face will gradually become back to normal.

If shaken gently, it will occur slowly. If shaken quickly, the face will go back to normal faster.

Shaking the phone too much will completely reset the face back to normal.

A different person's face will then be shown as distorted image.

The Shaking Trick

Whoever is shaking the phone can control how to shake it, so the displayed face can still be checked even when the phone is being shaken.

The face cannot be checked if it is shaken too quickly, so even though you may know what face it is, cleverly shake the phone so the other players will have a hard time figuring it out.

If you move your head with it, it might make it easier to see…?

▲Shake your phone where everyone can see.

Figure out your way of shaking, such as shaking it like a pendulum, or shaking it in a figure eight shape.

Turning Over Your Phone

During the game, you will be asked to turn over the phone.

Place the phone face down on the table, and then flip it back over after that.

A face with a different gender will be shown.


Game Setup

Except for the teacher cards, shuffle all the cards and take two cards from the bottom and place them in the box (they will not be used in this game).

Take the teacher cards and the face cards with the girls and place them randomly face up on the table. Place the teacher card labeled with an "A" on top of the other teacher card.


Among the players, someone who has recently thought of the distant past will be the first to hold the phone.

A person’s face will appear in the app, but the image is fuzzy that you cannot tell who it is.

As the phone is shaken, the person’s face will gradually be remembered and recognizable. For fair game play, make sure everyone playing the game can clearly see the phone's screen.

It is poor sportsmanship to hold the phone that only you can see it, or by hiding it under the table!!

If the phone is shaken too much, the screen will go white and it will reset. In this case, the same person will continue to shake the phone.

When the person shaking the phone finds the corresponding card, place the phone on the table. Taking this as a signal, everyone participating in the game should quickly place their hand on the corresponding card! (Including the person who held the phone)

The first one to take the card is the winner. Only one card can be taken by one person.

If you do not think any of the cards match, touch the teacher card.

The image on the app will gradually
go back to looking fuzzy so that you cannot tell who it is, but once the phone is placed on the table, it cannot be shaken anymore.

Either everyone places their hand on a card, or they give up and press "Look at the answer".

The answer's number is shown on the upper left, so check if that number matches any of the cards.

If none of the cards match, then the person who touched the teacher card is correct.

It matches!

The winner can take this card. (This will be marked as score after the game is over.)

Touch "It was matched" on the app and turn the phone over.

Collect the remaining cards on the table, flip each of them over so they are either face up or face down, and scatter them at random.

The person to the left of who was shaking the phone will be shaking the phone next.

I made a mistake...

Touch "Too bad...", and when the app is shaken, a different face will be shown and the next game will start.

In this case, the person shaking the phone stays the same, and the card's gender is also the same.

Ending the Game

As the game progresses, the teacher cards will both be taken.

When both teacher cards are taken, this round of the game ends. Proceed to calculate the scores.


In general, one card corresponds to one point.

The score will be increased if there are special combinations.

Combination Cards Needed
Couple Girl card x 1 + Boy card x 1 5
School of Girls・School of Boys
Teacher card x 1 + 3 Cards of the same gender 10

<Example 1>

Girl + Girl + Boy

Couple() + Girl() = 6 points in total

<Example 2>

Teacher + Teacher + Girl + Girl + Girl + Boy

School of Girls(10) + Teacher() + Boy() = 12 points in total

The player with the most total points is the winner.

If there is a tie, the person who can make a couple that looks well-matched is the winner.

(Compare the faces of the couples and decide based on instinct.)

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