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3-6 person

15-30 minutes

10 years old-

  • Motif Card x 18 cards
  • Stock Card x 1 card
  • Discard Card x 1card

Use an earphone or headphones and play in a quiet environment where each player can hear the sound.


It is like a Werewolf game using sound.

Through the earphone/headphones, each player hears the same sound in turn. The player then chooses a card on the table having the design that best matches the sound that was heard. The player is to explain why he or she chose that card.

However, one player will not hear any sound. That person is the ghost.

Players who heard the sound must guess who the ghost is. The ghost must fool everyone and escape detection.

1. Listen to the sound and pick a card.

2. Explain your reason for selecting the card.

3. Guess who the ghost is.



Have a deck of cards.

Each card has a different picture on both sides. Flip over a few cards and shuffle the cards. For one game round, only the front side of the cards must be facing up.


From the deck of cards, line up six cards on the middle of the table.

The player who recently had a scary experience is to be the first to listen to the sound.

With an earphone, listen to the sound and choose the motif card on the table that best matches the sound. Hold the card in your hand.

The player who hears "You are the ghost!" will be the ghost.

The other players do not hear what you heard, but are to pretend that they heard it.

Then choose one card.

If there is sound leakage from the earphone,
the other players should say so and the sound is to be changed. Start over again.

After you hear the sound, press the "Next player" button and pass the smartphone to the player on your left.


The first player can select a card from six motif cards. However, as the player's turn rotates to the left, the selectable cards will become fewer one by one.

Any leftover cards are to be discarded.
If there are only three players, three cards will be leftover.
With six players, all six cards will be used.

After all the players hear the sound, each player is to take turns and explain why he or she chose the card.

Keep the explanation vague so that the players who heard the sound would know, but the ghost would not know.

Avoid saying anything like "lumpy" or "fluffy" that would directly hint at what the sound was.

Example 1: Closed door Example 2: Teddy bear
This sound is heard every night from a locked basement room. When I was a child, this doll was at my grandmother's house. When I saw it at night, its eyes glowed red. That's the sound I heard.

After all the players give their explanations, everyone all say "You are the ghost!" and point to the suspected player. The ghost points to another player.

Then the ghost is to be made known.

The player(s) who correctly guessed the ghost will keep their card and have a score. The card is not to be mixed with other cards.

The players who incorrectly guessed who the ghost was will have to discard their card.

If the ghost was least suspected, the ghost can keep his or her card for a score.
If the ghost was most suspected, the ghost will lose the card.

Next, the ghosr is to guess the sound. On the app, press the "Guess the sound" button.

From four sounds, the ghost is to guess which sound the other players heard. After the ghost makes a guess, the other players are to reveal the correct answer.

1. Listen and compare the sounds.

2. Give an answer.

"Is that your final answer?"
"The answer is, all together now... (Yes! or No!)"
This is what the players can say. Make it exciting and fun.

If the ghost's answer is correct, the ghost will take one of the discarded cards and have a score.

If there are more cards left in the deck, take another six cards and line them up on the table. Start the next round. The player who was the ghost in the preceding game is to be first player to hear the sound.

When there are no more motif cards in the deck, the game is over.

There are a total of 18 cards.
Since 6 cards can be used in each round, the game can be played in three rounds.

The player having the most cards wins.
If there are multiple players having the same number of the most cards, they will be multiple winners.

Playing with visually-impaired people

Since this is a sound-based game, we can change the rules slightly to play with visually-impaired people.

First verbally explain the motifs on the six cards lined up on the table. Help the visually-impaired player take a card or discard a card. Also help the player with the app display.

To help visually-impaired player point to the ghost, have the players sound their voice.