First, you'll need to download the app the game uses.




2 - 8

10 min -

6 - 99

  • Morse code message cards x 18
  • Morse code guide cards x 2


This is a form of Karuta game centered around the use of Morse code.
Morse code utilizes "short" sounds and "long" sounds to create messages that can be sent to people far away.
For more information on Morse code, see >here<

The game is played with one player using a smartphone app to send out Morse code messages. The other players listen to the message, and grab the card which corresponds to that message as fast as they can.

The player sending out the Morse code messages is known as the "parent", and the others are known as "children".

Each round, a different player becomes the parent in a rotating order.

There are two games to play: Game A, which is for all ages, and Game B, which is more suited to older players.

First, let's take a look at Game A.

Game App



First, you'll need to download the app the game uses.

Choosing Sounds

You can select different sound samples with which to construct your Morse code messages.

The more you play, the more sound options you will unlock.

Sounds Unlock method
Normal Available from the start
Cats & Dogs Available from the start
Bird Chirp Available from the start
Kabuki Tap 80 times
Karate Tap 160 times
Car & Ship Tap 240 times

Mode Selection

You can choose between "manual" and "auto" for this game.

When you play with 3 or more people, please choose "manual".

For 2 players or fewer, if you choose "auto" is recommended. The app will automatically produce code messages in place of a parent player.


If you tap the screen with one finger, you will produce a short beep.

Tap the screen with two fingers, and you'll produce a longer beep.

It might prove useful to practice with everyone before you get serious.

Game A


You will use all 18 Morse code message cards, but NOT the 2 guide cards.

Lay them down with the words facing up in whatever fashion you prefer. Place the smartphone in the center of the card arrangement and do not move it during the game.

Game Progression

The oldest player will be the first parent.

They will pick one card, and produce a Morse code message to correspond to that word.

They may need to re-enter the message more than once, at least until one of the other players is able to understand it.

The child players will listen to the message, and attempt to get the card which was chosen.

The player who reaches out to the correct card first receives that card.

After receiving a card, flip it upside-down and place it in front of yourself.

The winner of a round will become the next parent player.

Until only 5 cards remain, repeat this process.

When an Incorrect Card is Chosen

If a player picks an incorrect card, they will no longer be able to participate in that round.

Game End and Point System

Each player will check the colors of the cards they have collected.

There are 3 different colors, and each game has different points assigned to them.

The app will display each color's point values, so refer to that when calculating a winner.

The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

How to Enhance the Fun

If the child players are observant, they may be able to figure out which card the parent will pick based on their eye movements. The parent will need to be careful not to give away their choice.

You can change the sound sets during the game play.

It might be fun if every player choose different sounds.

Game B

This game will require basic knowledge of morse code, so it is recommended for players aged 12 and older.


You will use all 18 Morse code message cards. Lay them down with the colored side facing up in whatever fashion you prefer.

The 2 guide cards should be placed in front of the players, or when there are many players at once, placed in a spot where everyone can read them.
There is also a printable PDF with the guide on it.

In this game, the parent does not put the smartphone on a table, but holds in their hand instead.

They can also view the guide by tapping the icon in the upper-right of the app screen.

If need be, it might be useful to prepare a pen and paper to jot down the codes you hear as well.


You should make the interval between the letter and the next letter.

Otherwise, it may be received by another letter.

Game Progression

Once again, the oldest player is the first parent.

They will pick one card, and produce a message containing the word they think of from that card.


Let's say you look at the image below, and imagine the word "summer" ("natsu" in Japanese). You would then type out the word while referring to the guide. In the case of "natsu", this would be: [-. .- - ... ..-]

There are of course various words you might think of from the pictures on the cards.

The child players need to listen to the word, and then determine which card it corresponds to. It can help to take notes while you listen. Once a player thinks they've found the right card, they should take it quickly.

How to Enhance the Fun

Different players will think of different words, so if it proves hard to understand, the parent should give hints to help the others.

Game End and Point System

Same as Game A.

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