Game software for Nintendo switch, “Madorica Real Estate”


Gift10 proudly present, pen and paper escape game for Nintendo Switch!

Looking for something new? Here is a combination of digital content and the pen & paper.
GIFT TEN INDUSTRY.K.K has developed VR cooperative style board-games such as "Mask of Anubis" and "Mask of Moai" that combined digital and analog gaming, our new product would stay in the same genre but presenting in a different platform.

Enjoy solving puzzles with floor plans and pencils!

The study material for “Madorica Real Estate” would be the floorplan for the corresponding house of the game stage.

There would be a digital version of the study material stored in the game software, but we recommend you to follow the instruction in game, download the material and print it before you start. It would be much convenient for dropping notes and share the information with your cooperators.


You would dropdown the magic spell or hints on the floorplans

▲ The floor plans are not only for dropping notes, you might need to cut or fold it!

▲ You could challenge the riddle on your own,

▲but also able to play with others!
(There is only 1 game mode which suitable for single or multiplayer)

Multilingual Support

Content in images were in Japanese, but the game also supports multilingual display languages.
[ English, Chinese (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese) ]


You are taking a role of a new blood of a real estate agency. "Madorica Real Estate" is the only real estate agency providing houses which are not haunted and safe for stay.

President Madorica ordered you to exorcise evil spirits with magic in order to make them sellable. The hints of beating the evil spirits have been hidden in those inhabiting properties, also the mysterious floor plans given by President Madorica.

Find out the hints and solve the riddle with pen & paper for obtaining magic spells! Beat the evil spirits to complete your mission!

Discover the hidden tips and hints

When the game stage started, you would be settled in somewhere of the property and locked up in the room by the evil spirits. The player is unable to move, only 2 actions could be done under this situation.

1) Move your viewpoint and study the hints

2) Close your eyes and cast a magic spell

      ▲Study the hints on the wall and find out the magic spell

      ▲Some hints might be hidden on the ground or even the ceiling,

      ▲You might need to match the hints on the screen to the hints on the floorplan to solve the riddle

      Inputting the magic spell

      ▲Press and hold the L or R button to close your eyes. Keep holding and you could input the magic spell, release the button to activate the magic.

      There was various magic that you could use in this game, here is a brief introduction of a few basic magic.

      • Spell of transportation: Warp

        The most basic spell which you might use frequently, a spell for moving into another room.

      • Spell of seeing through: X-ray

        Sometime the hints might be invisible or blocked by some other objects, you might need.

      • Spell of energization spell: Electricity

        A spell to turn on the light to make the room brighter. To obtaining this spell, you need to read the hints very carefully...!

      • Spell of attack: Attack

        In each property, there are one evil spirit as the stage boss.
        Unless you defeat it you are not able to leave the property under its control. Solve the riddle and find the magic spell to take it down.

      Too difficult?

      For those who have read up to here and feeling nervous to clear the game. There is an in-game tutorial which would tell you about how to solve the riddle for when you get stuck!

      ▲First, memorize the basic controls in the tutorial stage.

      ▲If the remaining time runs out, it's available to continue
      but only affecting the stage clear result. Just try your best.

      ▲if you can’t solve the puzzle, the red line will tell you how to solve it

      ▲As a last result, you don't know what to do, take a look at the game walkthrough!


      Enjoy solving puzzles in various stages!!

      There are twenty stages in total, each of them would have its own various features and traits. Challenge the riddle and enjoy the visual look of each room! Pick up your pen and have fun with the printed martial with your friends! 

      ▲Clear the stages, and unlock another one!

      ▲Twenty diverse mysterious stages! What about a stage having a weird outdoor toilet!?

      ▲The evil spirits hiding in each stage!


      Where to download

      The download URL will be announced after the launch day is settled.
      The game release date scheduled for mid-September to early October
      (we will inform you as soon as it is confirmed)

      >Click here< to go to the explanations page of the official Nintendo homepage.


      Staff list

      Game Design / Takashi Hamada
      Art / Toshi Murase
      Game Programming / Hiromasa Yoshitake
      Game Programming / Toraichiro Ota
      SE & Music / Tsukasa Masuko
      3DCG & Translation / Jovy Man Shan LEE
      QA / Kota Goto


      ▲The sound and composition in the game is created
      by Tsukasa Masuko known for "Megami Tensei" series.

      Product detail

      Title Madorica Real Estate
      Recommended player number(s) 1~3
      Suitable age All ages (CERO A)
      Selling price Selling price in Japan: JPY1500(tax in),
      the selling price for other districts would be different depending on the local currency.
      Platform Nintendo Switch

      Late September~beginning of October(to be confirmed)

      Distribution Nintendo eShop (whole world)
      Language Multilingual
      (Japanese,English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese )