Madorica Real Estate for the Nintendo Switch & Steam

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The legendary escape room game that combines pen and paper is coming to Steam.

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GIFT TEN INDUSTRY.K.K. has developed VR cooperative-style board games such Mask of Anubis, Mask of Moai, and other board games that fuse digital and analog play. Now, they have brought that concept to Nintendo Switch & Steam with a escape room game that uses pen and paper!

Madorica Real Estate Launching on February 27 on Steam (Mac / Windows)

The legendary game on Nintendo Switch is coming to Steam.
In the PC version you can enjoy different controls with keyboard and mouse.

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Unique points about the PC edition.
*The screenshot is from development.

・Smooth navigation with your mouse.

Allows you to look at every corner precisely!

・New puzzles using keyboard and alphabets.

▲New puzzles using keyboard and alphabets challenges you to a different game from the Switch version.

▲The magic commands are made from different languages.

・Unlock unique achievements! The unlocking action might be the key to solve the mystery!?

▲Some achievements can only be unlocked by doing a certain action...


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Enjoy solving puzzles with the floor plans and a pencil!

In this game, you solve puzzles while looking at floor plan maps.
It is possible to view a digital version of the floor plans inside the game, but you can enjoy the game even more by printing the floor plans and playing with them. Follow the software instructions to download the floor plan maps and print them out.

>Download the floor plans used in the game here!<


▲Proceed through the game while writing down magic spells and other hints.

▲ The floor plans aren’t just for writing notes. You can also cut and fold them!

▲ Challenge riddles by yourself with pen and paper in hand...

▲...Or enjoy cooperating with others!
(There is only one game mode. It is suitable for both single and multiplayers.)

Multilingual Support

Content in images were in Japanese, but the game also supports multilingual display languages.
[ English, Chinese (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese) ]


You are a new employee at a real estate agency. Apparently in this city, there are many properties with ghosts living in them! In Madorica Real Estate, you have to search for the only property that doesn’t have ghosts in the entire city.

Your job requires you to exorcise the ghosts in each room so that the new owners can live there in peace. Hints to beating the ghosts can be found around the rooms and from Mr. Madorica. If you use the hints to solve the puzzles and input the commands, even a newbie real estate agent like you can use magic!

Search for hints, jot down notes on your floor plan maps, and seek out magic to exorcise all the ghosts!

Hints Hidden Around the Rooms

When you start the game, you will be standing in a room somewhere on the floor plan map. The ghosts are keeping you trapped in the room. In this room, you cannot move freely around. You can only do the following:

1. Look around to find hints

2. Close your eyes and cast a spell.

      ▲Look closely at the hints written on the walls to find magic commands.

      ▲Some hints cannot be found unless you look up or down.

      ▲You may need to match hints on the screen to hints on the floor plan.

      Enter Commands to Use Your Magic

      ▲By holding down the L or R buttons, you can close your eyes and go to the command input screen.

      There are different kinds of magic, so we’ll explain a few of them.

      • Spell of Transportation

        The most basic magic in the game. Use this magic to freely move around the rooms.

      • Spell of Clarity

        Sometimes hints are hidden in places that cannot be seen just by looking. Use this spell to see through the items blocking them!

      • Spell of Energization

        When a room’s lights are out, use this magic to brighten the place. However, you have to read the hints very carefully!

      • Spell of Exorcism

        Each room has a mysterious enemy that acts as the stage’s boss. Until you defeat the boss, you will not be able to leave the room. Find hints that teach you the Spell of Exorcism you need to use.

      Sound difficult?

      For those who have read up to this point and think the game seems interesting but may be too hard for them...don’t worry!
      There are tutorials and other functions that help you solve the puzzles when you are truly stuck!

      ▲First, learn the game’s basic controls in the tutorial.

      ▲You can continue to play even after running out of time!
      Try to solve the next stage within the time limit.

      ▲If you get stuck, a red line will appear to help you.

      ▲As a last resort, when you truly can’t proceed, check out the game walkthrough!


      Enjoy solving puzzles in a variety of stages!!

      The game features 20 different stages, each with their own characteristics. Solve puzzles while enjoying the various decorations and layouts of each room! Get your pencils ready and play with friends for even more fun!

      ▲Clear stages to unlock even more!

      ▲20 different stages! You may even have to visit a weird toilet or the outdoors!

      ▲Strange ghosts haunt each stage!


      How to Purchase (Download Only)

      You can download the game via the e-shop on the Nintendo Switch or through Nintendo’s website.

      >Download the game from Nintendo’s website here<


      You can receive the printables used in the game in the following ways:

      1. Download and print from Gift10Instrustry’s website
      2. Purchase a set that comes with printed materials (arrives in a few days). (Japan ONLY)
      3. Download the Madorica Paper app (on iOS and Andoroid)

      Staff list

      Game Design / Takashi Hamada
      Art / Toshi Murase
      Game Programming / Hiromasa Yoshitake
      Game Programming / Toraichiro Ota
      SE & Music / Tsukasa Masuko
      3DCG & Translation / Jovy Man Shan LEE
      QA / Kota Goto


      ▲The music used in the game was directed by Tsukasa Murase, who is known for his work on the Megami Tensei series!

      Product detail

      Title Madorica Real Estate
      Game Players 1~3 players
      Target Age Suitable for all ages (CERO A)
      Price 1500 yen (tax included),
      the selling price for other districts would be different depending on the local currency.
      Platform Nintendo Switch

      October 11, 2018

      Distribution Nintendo eShop (whole world)
      Language Multilingual
      (Japanese,English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese )