Property 3 "Villa of Beginnings 3F" Answers

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

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Room 301

The hints might be displayed in small sizes, use the zoom function to take a closer look.


Room 302

The mysterious symbols are a type of hint. The hints with a similar appearance or placement might be related. Match the symbol to the corresponding button and take note of what you discover.

When you find a symbol, make note of it. This habit will be of great help as you are able to repeatedly use the same commands throughout the game.

In addition to the Spell of Exorcism and the Spell of Transportation, there are spells for  special purposes. For example, the Spell of Clarity temporarily hides the paper talisman or other obstacles.

Room 303

Spells can be used anywhere inside the property in which they were discovered.

Please read the floor-plan carefully, you might find commands or hints on it.


The correct answer is...

Spell of Transportation「Room 302」 BACK
Spell of ClarityX-ray VISO
Spell of Transportation「Room 303」 LENG
Spell of ExorcismEradicate HURT